General conditions of purchase

1.- General provisions – Scope of application:

Sandwich Gourmet® is a brand of Manufacta Italian Products (VAT Code: 02514180740, hereinafter also referred to as the “Company”), with registered office in Ostuni, Contrada San Benedetto, owner of the Sandwich Gourmet brand, informs the Customer that relations between the Parties (or the Company and the Customer) regarding the sale of products (hereinafter also “Products”) displayed on the website (hereinafter also “Site”) are governed by the terms and conditions set out below.
Therefore, these General Terms and Conditions of Sale constitute an integral part of every offer, purchase order, order confirmation or in any case transaction of the Products on the Site.
The Customer is exclusively the Consumer pursuant to art. 3, lett. a), D. Lgs. 6 September 2005, n. 206 (Consumer Code) and therefore the natural person who acts on the Site for purposes unrelated to his business, commercial, craft or professional activity.

2.- The Products – The information relating to them:

The Customer acknowledges and is informed that he can find information on the essential characteristics of the Products, including the relative prices, on the Site and within each card concerning the individual Product.

3.- Order of Products and Acceptance:

Products are purchased only by order placed by the Customer via the Site (hereinafter also “the Order”).
In particular, the Customer undertakes to fill in all parts of the order form in electronic format on the Site, indicating among other things the elements necessary to identify himself, the Products ordered and the quantity, the place of delivery and the payment methods, undertaking to provide accurate and true data. The Customer acknowledges that he must transmit the Order to the Company, electronically, following the instructions on the Site.
Before proceeding with the purchase of the Products and therefore before sending the Order, the Customer undertakes to carefully read these General Conditions, displayed during the Order registration procedure, which he expressly declares to have understood and accepted by marking the order. special space on the Site. More precisely, the Customer undertakes to read the information on the essential characteristics of each Product ordered, the prices of the same and the methods of payment, the costs of delivery of the Products, the methods of replacement, the time to return the Products, the right of withdrawal and refund, contained in this document. The Customer is also informed and has read the technical procedure that he must follow to order the Order by accessing the appropriate section of the Site called “How to make the order”.
The Customer acknowledges that, once the online purchase procedure described above has been completed, he must verify the correctness of the data indicated by him and immediately communicate to the Company, by email to be sent to the email address: any input errors. The Customer must also print and keep the Order and the General Conditions attached or otherwise memorize or reproduce a copy. The Order will be filed by the Company at the Site database for the time necessary for its processing. The Customer may acquire information relating to his Order, by consulting the appropriate section of the Website “My Orders”.
The confirmation of receipt of the Order is transmitted by the Company to the Customer at the e-mail address indicated by the latter during the order transfer phase. With this communication, the Company summarizes the data of the Order, the General Sales Conditions, the essential characteristics of the Product ordered, the price and the payment made, the methods and costs of delivery, the methods to contact it, also recalling the conditions for the exercise by the Customer of the right to replace and the right of withdrawal. This communication is deemed to be acceptance by the Company of the contractual proposal made by the Customer through the Order filled in and sent through the Website: in this way the contract between the Parties is completed.
The Company undertakes to promptly communicate to the Customer via e-mail any delays that may occur in the delivery of the Products and to reimburse the price already paid by the Customer if it is impossible to find the product ordered.
With the transmission of the Order the Customer confirms to know and accept the General Sales Conditions and the additional information contained on the Site, also referred to through links, including the “How to order” procedure, the “Privacy Policy” and the ‘Information on “Returns and refunds”.

4.- Product Prices – Payment Terms and Methods:

The prices displayed on the Site for each Product are expressed in Euro, are inclusive of VAT and are valid at the time the Order is sent by the Customer.
The shipping costs described in the following article 5 are added to the total amount of the Order. In the case of delivery of the Products in a country other than Italy, the Customer will also be responsible for the costs due to any taxes, duties or taxes established by the laws of the destination State.
The Company reserves the right to change the prices published on the Site at any time. The prices of the products from time to time published cancel and replace the previous ones and are subject to the actual availability of the products.
It is understood that, once the order has been placed, the prices of the goods purchased cannot be changed.

The payment methods for the Products displayed on the Site are the following:
1. Bank transfer: to be carried out in favor of the Seller and the bank details indicated below. Make a transfer IBAN coordinates: IT47M0100515900000000001843.
2. Credit cards (via Paypal)
3. Paypal

5.- Delivery terms and shipping costs:

The Company undertakes to deliver the products selected and ordered by the Customer to the address indicated in the Order by express courier of its own confidence in Italy, in the countries of the European Union and in non-EU countries, provided that the information is have been supplied by the same in an accurate and truthful manner, such as to allow the correct fulfillment of the delivery.
The company undertakes to provide in the short term indications on the delivery times of the Products to the Customer, at the address indicated in the Order, at the time of dispatch by the courier in charge. The cases of force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances or causes that cannot be predicted or are not attributable to the Company remain unaffected.
The Products will be delivered by the courier exclusively to an adult natural person present at the address indicated by the Customer at the time of placing the Order. The Company will consider itself exonerated from any charge in the event of the recipient’s absence at the place indicated for delivery. Given the perishability of some products that can be purchased on Manufacta, it is very important that the address indicated by the customer is an address (both at home and in an office) suitable for allowing the correct delivery of the Products.
The timing and method of delivery of the Products in other countries of the European Union and non-EU countries other than Italy differ from country and country and are shown on the Website on the page “Shipping times and fees”.
At the time of delivery of the Products by the courier to the address described above, the Customer undertakes to verify the integrity of the package delivered to him sealed with a branded tape of Manufacta sas, as well as the correspondence of the number of packages with respect to what is indicated in the transport document. The Customer is aware that should the package be altered, he must refuse delivery specifying the reasons to the courier. The Customer is aware that any damage to the package or to the Products or the mismatch in the number of packages must be immediately contested by means of a special report on the courier delivery proof, as well as to the Company’s e-mail address indicating all the Order’s references , under penalty of forfeiture of the right to raise further disputes regarding the adequacy, integrity and completeness of the parcel delivered.
At any time, the Customer can check the delivery times of his Order and the status of the shipment by connecting to the courier’s site chosen by the Company and indicated by the same in the order acceptance email, entering the number of the shipment indicated by the Company in that email.
The costs of delivery of the Products are charged to the Customer and are clearly indicated on the Website on the page “Delivery times and charges”, the information of which form an integral and substantial part of these General Conditions, as well as in the Order form.

The company will not be liable to the Customer for a breach of its obligations under these Conditions, if, and to the extent that, such failure is due to an event of force majeure and the deadline for the fulfillment of the obligation has been consequently extended. The Company undertakes to provide the Client with written notice within 30 (thirty) days of the occurrence of the force majeure event, specifying its nature and scope, as well as its foreseeable duration. If the force majeure event continues for a period exceeding 30 (thirty) days, the Customer will be entitled to declare these Conditions terminated, by sending a communication to the Company at the address: 72017 Ostuni, Contrada San Benedetto

6.- Product Replacement – Product Return:

The Customer has the right to request the replacement of the Products purchased, both in the event of their possible damage during transport (the right to replace in this case will be subject to the completion of the written report indicated in the previous article 5), and in case of lack of conformity of the products themselves. This right must be exercised by the Customer, under penalty of forfeiture, no later than fourteen (14) working days from receipt of the Product by sending an email to the Company at the indicated email address.
Having positively ascertained the validity of the request for replacement, the Company undertakes to send the replacement Products to the Customer, assigning a trusted courier and without the charge of additional shipping costs, within a reasonable time from the request.
Il Cliente che abbia inoltrato la richiesta di sostituzione dei Prodotti è tenuto a restituire immediatamente alla Società i Prodotti acquistati, integri e non utilizzati, neppure parzialmente. The products previously purchased, in their original packaging, inserted in the package carefully opened and then closed and sealed, or in a new appropriate packaging, must be delivered by the Customer to the express courier for shipping to the address indicated by the Company in the form of made contained within the delivered package. Only after having ascertained the admissibility of the request for replacement, the Company will reimburse the shipping costs incurred by the Customer for the return.

7.- Right of withdrawal – Refund method:

The Customer has the right to withdraw from this contract, without specifying the reason, giving the Company a 14 days notice (fourteen) from the date of transmission of the purchase order and in any case, within and beyond the successful delivery to the courier of the Products ordered as communicated by the Company.
The notice of withdrawal must be made by the Customer, by email to be sent to the following email address:
If at the time of communication concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the Products purchased should already be in the transport phase, the Customer will be required to refuse delivery to the carrier, referring to this paper copy of the withdrawal notice . The costs for returning the purchased Products to the Company will be charged to the Customer and the latter will not be entitled to reimbursement of the amounts paid for the purchase.
If the withdrawal is exercised by the Customer according to the terms and the correct modalities described above, the Company undertakes to return the sums already paid by the Customer for the purchase of the Products within the maximum term of 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the same has become aware of the exercise of the right of withdrawal.
In the event that the methods and terms established in this article for exercising the right of withdrawal have not been respected, the Customer will not be entitled to a refund of the sums paid.

8.- Customer’s obligations:

The Customer, aware of the responsibilities, including penal penalties, prescribed by Italian law in the case of false or false declarations, declares to be a Consumer pursuant to art. 3, lett. a), D. Lgs. 6 September 2005, n. 206 (Consumer Code), to be an adult natural person and to have provided correct and truthful data for the execution of the General Conditions object of this contract.

9.- Treatment of personal data – Privacy:

The Customer acknowledges having been informed, as well as having read the information on the processing of personal data, by clicking on the following link “Privacy Policy”.
The Customer acknowledges that the information included in the aforementioned document is an integral and substantial part of these General Terms and Conditions, as they must therefore be deemed to be fully known and accepted by the Customer upon transmission of the Order.

10.- Partial nullity:

The nullity of one or more single clauses of these General Conditions does not imply the nullity of the same General Conditions or of the entire Contract of sale, but the substitution of such null clauses with imperative rules.

11.- Applicable law – Jurisdiction:

These General Terms and Conditions and any purchase made by the Customer on the Website are governed by the laws of the Italian Republic. For all disputes that may arise in connection with this contract (including those related to its validity, execution, interpretation and violation) and that the parties do not intend to resolve amicably, the Court of the seller will be exclusively competent.

12.- Customer Support – Communications:

The communications indicated in the General Conditions covered by this contract and any requests of an informative nature may be made by the Customer electronically, at the following email address:
The Customer declares to have read, read carefully, understood and approved specifically, pursuant to and for the purposes of articles 1341 and 1342 c.c. and of the D. Lgs. 6 September 2005 n. 206, the following clauses of these General Conditions whose title is given as an example only: 3. Order of Products and Acceptance; 4. Product Prices – Payment Terms and Methods; 5. Delivery terms and shipping costs; 6. Replacement – Product Return; 7. Right of withdrawal – Refund method; 8. Customer’s obligations; 9. Processing of personal data; 11. Applicable law – Jurisdiction.

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