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  • Natural extra virgin olive oil sandwich, with poppy seeds and enriched with walnut flakes
  • Fine pork bresaola | ageing: 100 days
  • Green tomato chutney | jar 30 gr
  • Medium fruity extra virgin olive oil | jar 20 ml

The ingredients used are 100% natural. Remember that both the extra virgin olive oil and the chutney can be reused for further pairings.

The package consists of all properly packaged foods, a wooden boxcutter and a placemat with our suggestions for a correct tasting.



Sandwich Gourmet Delizioso, a perfect combination of unpredictable taste

Delizioso, because it is a gourmet sandwich that will amaze you for the perfect balance between the elements, appropriately selected and expertly matched by our Chefs, so as to be worthy of being called Gourmet Sandwich. The bread is soft and fragrant, mixed with extra virgin olive oil, it expresses its crunchiness with walnut flakes. Stuffed with a very fine seasoned, tasty and delicate bresaola that goes perfectly with the chutney of green tomatoes which, together with the fruity oil, gives freshness and persistence in taste.

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