Sandwich Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil, when tradition marries innovation

The Evo Oil Mio Padre è un Albero by Lidia is not a common product, it is one of the fruits of the earth that jealously she guards, preserving the precious qualities that its family has always protected with love and dedication.

The “fruits” of this intense and passionate work are now visible for some time, for an Evo oil, Mio Padre è un Albero, which is affirmed in the international showcases of the most famous competitions and which confirms its freshness and its character with every taste , from year to year.

Mio Padre è un Albero is the right product for our Sandwich Gourmet®. At the nose it reveals a fresh sensation of vegetable green and a small note of salad tomato, in the mouth confirms the same sensations, combining a marked vivacity of bitter and spicy, which give character and persistence of taste to all the ingredients of the gourmet sandwich.