The bread of Sandwich Gourmet

The 4 Breads of Sandwich Gourmet

The bread of Sandwich Gourmet is a dough made from a large leavened dough made with mother yeast. Its irresistible softness and lightness derives from the leavening of more than 24 hours, in two phases, and from the use of the yeast already previously matured in different phases during the day.

In reality, even the presence of E.V.O. oil contributes to making the sandwich so ethereal on the palate, it also guarantees a longer shelf life and also a perfume and a taste of great personality.

Sandwich Gourmet Bread is a “sweet-savory” thanks to the presence of the finest honey from the forest of Alliste, a characteristic village of Salento, in the south of Puglia.

The 4 types of bread are: