The Chutneys of Sandwich Gourmet, genuineness and respect for the nature of raw materials

The Chutneys of Sergio and Eliana are the result of years of hard work, sacrifices and a lot of passion.

They are completely natural products, devoid of any chemical, they are the expression of an unspoiled Nature, which still resides today in the countryside of the lower salento.

For our Gourmet Sandwiches we have chosen 4 Chutneys that make up a perfect wedding with the other ingredients:

  • Red onion,sweet and at the same time with a slight sour note, flavors and gives character to the Gourmet Tasty Sandwich;


  • Dried figs and ginger, for a perfect combination between the flavor of the Capocollo salami and the slightly bitter and spicy notes of the evo oil of the Sandwich Gourmet Puglia;