The cured meats of Sandwich Gourmet, respect for tradition and quality of excellence

Four types of charcuterie for four original and unmistakable gourmet sandwiches. Craftsmanship and respect for tradition are at home at the Venerito Salumificio, in the heart of Puglia, in Ceglie Messapica precisely, where the food and wine culture has become a voice and symbol of an ever-increasing international tourism.

The Pugliese Capocollo – from Valle d’Itria

Symbol of Norcanart from Puglia, a product that can’t be missed on the tables of gourmets

At the sight there is a deep red, in stark contrast to the
shunned. The smell is very fragrant, with
hints of dried fruit like nuts, evidence of the good evolution of  meat.

On the palate it is surprising for its juiciness and chewing, emphasized by the admirable melting of fat.
could only be called this Sandwich Gourmet, essential recognition for a sandwich that encloses in itself the essence of the flavors of this region, in the uncontaminated sud of Italy.

Seasoned pig loin – tender and fragrant

Lean, tender and juicy, a charcuterie that never tires

Seasoned 90 days, this fillet of pig surprises for its
chewing and despite being particularly thin, it turns out to be
pleasantly fragrant and pleasant to taste.

The slice is a deep pink and with a few nods of sea. Particularly suitable for sportsmen, the Gourmet Tasty Sandwich

matches perfectly with the red onion chutney and softness
natural bread. The right invitation to the pleasure of the senses.

La Bresaola – a “must” of the Italian Norse tradition

Of an intense red, precious, fragrant and up to the expectations of a Chef

bresaola from excellence

The seasoning process lasts more than 100 days, for this sausage that
it has always represented the Italian Norse tradition in the world.

It is a delicate but satisfying sausage, perfect at any age. In the Delicious Gourmet Sandwich

goes well with soft bread enriched with nuggets of nuts and
with the green tomato chutney, which, along with Evo oil from varieties
Peranzana gives freshness and balance to the whole.

Spicy Farmer’s Salami

For palates who love a bit of character and the juiciness of a salami

Seasoned 80 days, it is characterized by its dark red color in
happy contrast with the shiny white of fat, sign of a correct
evolution of meat. The taste confirms the olfactory notes,
complex, well-structured and irresistible.

In Sandwich Gourmet Diavoletto it finds its perfect combination with soft bread with dried tomatoes, with the lemon chilli chutney that enhances the spicy notes without making them too incisive and the extra virgin olive oil, of Quity Peranzana, which balances the flavor.